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In the Dairy-free Doghouse: Sarku Japan

11 Jun

This week, we stopped in at Sarku Japan, a stand-alone version of the place usually found in mall food courts. I’ve definitely eaten there before, and though I’ve noticed my stomach has not dealt with it well, I always found something other than dairy to blame.

This time, I decided to order their bento box – teriyaki chicken, salad, rice, and a California roll. I asked if they used mayonnaise in their California roll, and if it had dairy in it. The (extremely helpful) guy behind the counter offered to swap it out for a veggie roll, which was great. I sent him to check ingredients on the salad dressing, which turned out to be fine, and we went ahead with the order. We sat down to wait for our food (and get the Sprout settled in a high chair).

A moment later, the awesome guy from the front counter came back to find us. Apparently, they use milk in their teriyaki sauce! I never even thought to check, because, well, who in their right mind would use milk in a teriyaki sauce? He said it was to thicken the sauce. I asked Ben what ever happened to cornstarch.

Ultimately, we found a solution. I ended up with plain chicken with tempura sauce to dip it into. But I think its safe to say that we’re unlikely to be going back.